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Membership dues for the second half of the 2018/2019 program year are $10.00.  Checks payable to Newcomers and Neighbors of Ann Arbor should be mailed to Martie Ream, 2477 Winged Foot Court, Ann Arbor, MI,  48108.  

Our new membership directory has been issued. Please inform Martie of any address or contact information changes. Also please supply your birthdate (month/day) if it did not appear in the current year directory. Are there any changes to your contact information to be included in our Directory? Please let Martie know of any updates. (

If you'd like more information about joining the club, please contact Kay Jerome, our Communications Coordinator, at 231-883-1971 or 


Central/Steering Committee

(These are the women to contact with any questions or concerns.  Please note that we are always looking for more folks to step up and help us as we plan and refine our activities.)

Mary Clark --

Kay Jerome --

Sheila Natwa

Vi Quinlan --

Martie Ream

Lo Walsh



Anne Lawrence

Jane Greene-

Current Interest Groups & Coordinators

Editor of The Chatter: Jane Greene

Monday Canasta:  Bev Ward,

Wednesday Canasta:  Jackie Tonks

Book Group:  Joel Doly

Coffee Klatch:  Vi Quinlan

Community Outreach:  Vi Quinlan

Lunch Bunch:  Lo Walsh

Wise  Women: Anne Lawrence

Movie Mavens:  Judi Marks